Dear 2023 Web Ranger

MMA, The Department of Communications & Digital Technologies, UNICEF South Africa,   Meta, Google SA, Falcorp Technologies, TikTok, The Walt Disney Company, and are excited to offer you a spot in the 2023 Web Rangers Programme. 

Before you register, please read the following terms and conditions that will help you figure out if you qualify to be part of the 2023 Web Rangers Programme. 

Entry into the programme:

  1. The Web Rangers programme is open to all South African school learners aged between the ages of 12-17 years old. 
  2. To participate in the programme, learners’ parents/guardians must give permission/consent for learners to form part of the programme. 
  3. Only one submission per learner is allowed.
  4. Learners who have already been trained as Web Rangers cannot re-apply for the 2023 intake.
  5. At the time of submission, each learner must: (i) be a South African citizen/legal resident (ii) be enrolled in a School in South Africa and be of the ages 12-17 years old; (iii) have obtained his or her parents’ or legal guardians’ permission and have agreed to be bound by these Rules.
  6. The opening date for receipt of entries from learners is between 15 July 2023, and the closing date is 15 August 2023, midnight South African Time.
  7. MMA and partners are not responsible for illegible or incorrectly submitted entries.
  8. Entries received without a completed Entry Form or without a parent’s or legal guardian’s details will be disqualified.   

Participation (code of conduct): 

  1. Learners are expected to carry out & complete all programme related activities. Should a learner not complete parts of their online training within the 4-week period, MMA and partners have the right to expel that learner from the programme.
  2. Learners are responsible for upholding their own behavior and that of their peers while online carrying out Web Ranger related activities, and are therefore expected to report misconduct, or any suspicion thereof, of any kind immediately to their direct superior. Should a learner be found to be involved in any misconduct, MMA and partners have the right to expel that learner from the programme.

*MMA and partners reserve the right to respond as it deems appropriate to action which breaches the Code of Conduct. Possible responses include immediate expulsion from Web Rangers Programme and being reported to your school/third party institution. 

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If you have any questions, contact us on or 

Tel No: +27 76 431 9340 or +27 11 788 1278

We look forward to having you as part of the 2023 Web Rangers programme.  

The Web Rangers Team