Web Rangers is a digital literacy programme designed to allow young people to gain critical skills and knowledge around online safety that they use to create innovative campaigns that promote safe internet usage and champion their rights in the digital world. The programme is about creating young digital citizens who know how to use the internet responsibly and encourage their peers to do the same.

The online space has become a tool that young people use to gain knowledge, access to educational content and keep themselves entertained. However there are dangers that comes with it and that’s why we have a programme like Web Rangers.

Phakamile Khumalo, the Public and Media Skills Development Manager at Media Monitoring Africa was excited to announce, “Web Rangers is online! Going online is our response to the pandemic, by changing our approach to training, while still maintaining our reputation of being the leading digital and media literacy initiative in the country that is supported by government, business and civil society”.

During 2020 , the Web Rangers South Africa programme welcomed over a hundred learners from all over South Africa. MMA held a very inspiring Web Rangers Awards Ceremony to thank all learners that participated and announce the winners of the various categories.

Nomonde Gongxeka-Seopa, Head of Public Policy at Facebook embraced the 2020 Web Rangers for managing to finish up the programme through the difficult year, “this is a great milestone, you adapted and survived 2020 especially with Covid-19 and this means you can survive anything.” 

She further said, “what’s more encouraging is you had to add in your plate by participating in this exciting programme which came with huge responsibilities.” She highlighted how awesome the Web Rangers programme is as it contributes to one of their key concerns that is to keep the online space safe. 

The Web Rangers ambassadors were given a chance to share their journey and experiences they had during the programme;

“I’ve never imagined that joining Web Rangers would be so amazing, I saw this as an opportunity to learn more and I just took it. ” said Leonah Miniyothabo. She further spoke about how the entire journey made her learn how to treat open online. 

Kabir Budlender spoke about what it meant for him to be a Web Ranger, “Web Rangers is an amazing programme, I loved every minute of it. For me it’s fun, informative and inspiring, all of us share a common passion that is to learn and help others learn about the Internet.

He further highlighted how he was able to transfer the information he learned throughout the programme to his friends and other people who may need it.

“Being a Web Ranger has been an eye opening journey, it has shown me different sides of the Internet I didn’t even know existed. Seeing that the world is becoming more industrialised, we will be using the Internet a lot.” said Yoliswa Mkehli.

She emphasised on the way the programme equipped her with thrilling skills like being a good digital citizen, fighting disinformation, identifying and reporting cyber-bullying and also how to be safe in the online world.

She further gave advice to the upcoming 2021 Web Rangers, saying that “future Web Rangers should dedicate themselves to the programme and manage their time to do the training and remember to share information with others.”

The open day is to be held in February 2021 , and promises to be an action-packed and fun-filled event. Web Rangers SA is excited to welcome the new 2021 Web Rangers and looking forward to making the internet a safer place for children.

To learn more about this awesome programme visit: www.webrangers.co.za

For inquires email: www.webrangers.gmail.com