As a Web Ranger, you are now an ambassador for safe and responsible use of the internet among your peers.

  • You need to spread the message about staying safe online in your community, school etc.
  • You will need to attend workshops that are specifically designed to teach and encourage you to be internet savvy.
  • You will also need to work together with a team from your school to come up with the best and creative campaign that promotes safer and responsible internet usage.
Campaigns can be just about anything or any issue related to online safety and use. The campaigns can tackle various online issues such as cyber-bullying, trolling, cat-fishing etc.
Each campaign will be evaluated and scored based on the following criteria:

  • Content
  • Creativity
  • Social Impact
You’ll have four months from the launch of the workshops.
Yes, at the end of the project you will get a certificate acknowledging your participation in the programme. And if your campaign is selected at the best you get to win awesome prizes.